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iRacing Discussion

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iRacing Discussion

Post by Kevin on 19th August 2014, 12:14

All to do with iRacing.

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Re: iRacing Discussion

Post by Not Racing on 21st August 2014, 08:03

I have not driven this game before, but from what I have read, guys love the game. My only issue with it is the cost to play it. It's cost to play the game online that gets to me. If it was not for that I would most likely of taken this one up.

Not Racing

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Re: iRacing Discussion

Post by Xeqtr on 25th August 2014, 11:22

I have iRacing and I love it. The cost isn't THAT bad.

When you start your iRacing career, you race in the rookie series, and if I remember correctly you dont need to spend money on any tracks or cars as the cars and tracks come standard with your subscription.

I personally think the subscription keeps the idiots off the track, and only guys that are proper sim racers on the track as these are the guys that dont mind paying for such an amazing service.

Anyways back to the cost... I am now a license C driver. I have made it through the rookie license and D license. C license is amazing as you have such an awesome range of cars to choose from and such competitive drivers. With regards to cost, you have a look at the schedules per series you find interesting. You buy the car based on the series you want to take part in. In my case, I went with the RUF Porsche Spec C and it is a blast to drive but a handful. So here I spent money buying the car.

With regards to track purchases. Some tracks in the series you will already have, and some you wont. A certain track is used for a full week. So lets say from Monday to Monday the series will use Mid Ohio for example. So for that week you only need to buy the 1 track. And you have it forever for any series in the future. Then the following week you may need to buy again, or you may already have the track used. Or if you want you can just skip that week and not race if you dont want to spend more money at the mo.

Whats also nice about iRacing is there is ALWAYS guys racing. You are aloud to race as many times as you want per week. And after the end of the week iRacing will take your best performance and base the points on that. Races are every 30 mins to every 2 hours depending on the league. I spend a lot of time on iRacing in between the racing here at ShadowRacing.

iRacing is amazing. The racing is super clean and super close as iRacing splits the drivers by their iRating etc. So you are always racing with guys that are the same skill level. The racing is so clean because during a race you get penalized buy going off the track or losing control or making contact. And this goes against your iRating. The iRating is used to calculate whether you are promoted or demoted in the licensing levels.  

I would recommend anyone to try iRacing. Its not for everyone, but if you are a true sim racer then it is for you. Cars on iRacing handle way different to any other sims. More realistically and more of a challenge. Each and every car is studied and tested for months before being released into the game. The tyre model is amazing. If you try iRacing, you will be shocked as was I. I couldnt make it around a corner without spinning, never mind around the track. It takes real practice and real dedication. So you need a lot of time practicing to me competitive. I have the hang of it now, and usually finish top 5 in all my races. And most races have more than 15 drivers. Moving up the licenses is very rewarding as it is earned. Whats nice about the rookie license and D license is that all drivers have exactly the same car and the same setup as the setups are fixed. So all it comes down to is the driver skill. And these 2 licenses teach you how to drive in iRacing. Once you reach the C license like I have, the real racing starts. And I was shocked at how vital setup is. You get on to a practice session with other drivers and you thrash out the setups and laps. Making tweaks as you go. And when you ready, you enter a qualifying session and then a race. And it is so rewarding if you get the setup right and can compete with the aliens up front.

Anyways I am blabbering too much now... Im done Very Happy


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Re: iRacing Discussion

Post by Sponsored content

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