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Post by Christo Nieuwoudt on 28th May 2015, 09:21

Aldo Scribante will always bring close racing due to the nature of the track layout. And last night's season opener was no different. To top it all a record field of 20 cars formed on the grid.
Race 1 was intense from start to finish and I could finish in 2nd place behind Gustav. WD Gustav and all the others who finished, each with their own battles through the field.
I was not so lucky in race 2 as, while trying to avoid 2 drivers in the last corner executing some weird manoeuvres, I was hit from behind and that put me in the fences. I was in 9th place when I re-join the track and finished in a good 5th place. WD Denis with the win and again to all those who finished.
And the skins for all the cars really look good. A lot of time and effort when into it and now we can enjoy racing them.
See you all on track next Wednesday night.......

Christo Nieuwoudt (RSA)

Driver of the year - 2014
Driver of the year - 2015
Formula Reiza Season 1......................2nd
DTM Championship 2014.....................3rd
Formula Nippon Holiday Cup 2014 .......2nd
Formula Reiza Season 2......................3rd
Super GT 500 Championship ...............3rd
Formula Nippon Season 1 ...................3rd
ADAC GT Masters Championship 2015...3rd
Formula 3 Championship.....................2nd
BMW E90 Season 1 - 2016...................1st
Christo Nieuwoudt

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Post by Tim Smith on 28th May 2015, 09:24

Wow, I'm so proud that we all made it around the first corner! I predicted absolute chaos and luckily I was wrong!

First race I bumped into sheep from behind and that caused him to leave the track, once again sorry for that mistake. I also clipped the pit wall when I entered and then forgot to switch off damage repair (NOOB!) and that cost me 18 seconds.

Race two I received a bump from sheep (just returning the favour Razz) but luckily it didn't end in tears and had a clean race from there.

Dirk, nice passing manoeuvre you made there on me in the second race, but I think you clipped the grass after that and had a bit of an off, bad luck...

Overall I'm satisfied with my race pace, considering the amount of practise I had and my goal is to finish anywhere in the top 10 for this season.

Thanks everyone for two awesome races an congrats to all the podium guys!. Bret I agree! Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! drunken

*Just a request:

Guys, I know this is touring cars and there will be little bumps and some rubbing, it's normal, but PLEASE respect all the other drivers on the track.
I feel that the admins have to mention this waaaay too often and at the end of the day, we are all here to have fun and close, fair racing.
Please don't flash your lights. (I have indicated before that this rattles me and then I might end up braking too early and mess the race up for you and or other guys around us)
Tim Smith

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The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message


Post by gusjacobs on 28th May 2015, 12:06

Last night’s racing was so much fun!!! The track and the cars were perfect combination for some awesome racing. To have 20 people that time of the night on the track was incredible. I hope we are going to have big fields like this all the time…If Eskom can just assist us a little bit here we can even get bigger fields.

Congrats to Denis on the win in Race2. I had a nice dice with Christo in race 2 up to about lap 8 and then Christo had to avoid some maneuvers in front of him at the final corner before we enter the main straight and there was no way I could see what was coming from my cockpit view. I then smashed into Christo and my car was stuffed. I had to do a whole lap around the track with the stuffed car to get to the pits. I think I was stone last at that point then but I managed to end in 13th spot. I was so much looking forward to a nice dice but the accident totally wrecked the race for me
Cant wait for the next event!!!

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Post by Denis Mitchell on 28th May 2015, 15:19

What a season opener as Kevin says!!!

This is what i have been waiting for, good close battles and close times throughout the field. A small mistake can cost you dearly i these being sucked back into the pack.

Huge congrats to Gustav on a excellent race 1 win. I had a good start but while waiting for my tires and brain to warm up Gustav was very fast so when the pass came, i did not resist or defend instead thinking maybe following will wake me up. Then Dirk joined the party and we were on for a great dice till a slight mistake from Dirk and from there i just had to drive for whatever i could get lol. Damage meant pit stop was long and had some epic dices coming through the pack to finish 4th...but really enjoyed race 1.

Race 2, i managed a good start but was hit pretty hard into turn 1 by Eugene which once again i did not realize how bad the car was until my pit stop. Until the pit stop all was going well, pulling a nice gap over the batteling Eugene and Ryan. After my stop which was once again long for damage repair, i slotted in behind Ryan and ahead of Eugene. From there on i slowing caught Ryan a tenth or so a lap till the final few laps when i was able to make a pass. Ryan was super strong though and all over me after the pass so i took a defensive line into the final corner seeing Ryan was going to cut back, so braked a fraction deeper but caught Ryan out, really sorry Ryan but great racing up until then! Im sure we will be side by side again in the next one!

Thanks to everyone...very gracious back markers being so aware of us too and the guys starts were really good as Timo said, unexpected for so many to be so clean. Also a great first race with us for Patric, hope you had a fun time and hope we see you all the races!

Big thank you to Kevin and Shadow Racing for hosting this, it has to be one of the best races we have had, lots of guys, amazing close times, good racing throughout the field and for the most part...clean. Excellent stuff guys welcome to all of you and of course well done to the podium finishes and Gustav on the win.

To go fast one needs to learn to brake!

Formula Nippon Holiday Cup 2014 Champion
Formula Nippon 2015 Champion
Reiza Formula 3 2015 Champion
Formula Reiza 2015 Champion
Denis Mitchell

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Post by Dirk on 28th May 2015, 16:28

Wow Wow Wow!

What can I say... this season is going to be awesome. This is *exactly* what I'm here for! One word: racing.

Don't get me wrong: I'm not ecstatic over where I finished last night. Lots of bad luck and mistakes on my part meant I finished in 8th in both races, after being right up there in practice sessions, and quali 1. But you know what? I don't care! The racing was simply superb and I was finally able to challenge people with similar pace for many laps to get past.

Race 1 I had a decent start and found myself in 3rd, and even caught up with Denis & Gus ahead of me after a few laps. Then, while I was tucked up nice and tight behind Denis I lost sight of the braking marker into the one tight right-hander and outbraked myself straight into the back of Denis, causing us both to lose ground. So sorry about that Denis. From there it was at least quite an interesting race to the finish for me. I pitted quite early to avoid the dreaded double-pit problem, but that caused me to run into severe tyre problems later in the race. At least I was able to have some scraps with a number of people and finally crossed the finish line a heart-stopping 4 thousandths behind Bash. Thanks Bash, that was an awesome dice!

Race 2: people seemed to find some pace and I didn't quali so high up this time. Race went OKish, and I tried a different strategy of playing the long game and pitting late. But I think I overdid it by 2 laps or so and again ran into tyre issues. At least I had the best dice of my life with Patrik at some stage, where I sat behind him for many laps, applying as much pressure as I can but not being able to get past. Congratulations for some excellent defensive driving Patrik, can't wait to race with you some more this season!
I eventually got past but only to lose it later on the grass and having a huge spin across the infield, almost hitting some of the guys on the other side where stopped just short of the track! I re-joined, but did not see Bash coming so he also went wide trying to avoid me. Sorry about that, Bash! I did let him past a few corners later to try and make up for it, and from there it was just a matter of bringing it home safely in front of a hard charging Shawn.

Thanks again to all for an awesome race. I can't wait for the next one!

Oh and agreed on the comments about being knackered after the race! I had to go take a stiff dop to calm the nerves! (OK, not really.)
And also agreed on the comments re: light flashing. Let's stop that.

Dirk Brand

Super GT 500 Championship Pro class .....6th
Formula Nippon season 1 ......................4th
Formula 3 season 1 .............................4th
Formula Reiza season 3 ........................4th
2015 Holiday Cup .................1st
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BMW E90 season 1 ..............................4th
Formula Reiza 2016 Driver...............2nd
Formula Reiza 2016 Team......1st

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